Electuaries & Infused Honey

Honey is a potent medicine in itself & helps to extract, preserve & sweeten any herbal formula. My honey products are made from Lake County, Illinois raw honey from Honey Works in Grayslake. Their honey is truly delicious & the quality is superb!

My electuaries consist of raw honey & powdered dried herbs. No heat, so no honey nutrients lost. Best taken by the spoonful or added to your favorite cup of tea. I like a ratio that keeps the electuary a bit more runny, although differences in thickness may occur. If separation occurs just give it a little stir & enjoy!

Herbal infused honeys do involve a bit of heat to extract the compounds of the herbs. I cook mine on low (below 120 degrees F) for at least 4 – 6 hours. Some of the honey constituents are lost with heat but it does an amazing job at extracting medicine from the plants. Plus it still taste divine! I sell my honey infusions individually & like to use them in syrups & elixirs.

Flourish Electuary

Flourish Electuary combines raw, golden honey with delightful, dried blossoms of Elderflowers, Calendula Flowers, Rose Petals & Chamomile Flowers. Sweet & floral the combination is delicious on it’s own or in a cup of tea. These herbs provide gentle nervine qualities, as well as anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, astringent & many more. The flowers provide a yummy dose of antioxidants & bioflavoniods. All of these herbs I love to munch on fresh from the garden; so why not combine them into a tasty year-round treat.

Ingredients: Raw Honey, Elderflower (Sambucus nigra), Calendula Flowers (Calendula officinalis), Rose Petals (Rosa spp.), Chamomile Flowers (Matricaria recutita)

If pregnant, nursing or on medication, consult with your health care practitioner first.

Sold in a 4 ounce glass mason jar


Enlighten Lycii Electuary

Enlighten Lycii Electuary is an aromatic raw honey, blended with dried Rosehips, Goji Berries & Elecampane Root. A very unique flavored electuary, both warming & rich in antioxidants. Elecampane is one of my favorite herbs for digestion & lung support; offering bitter, carminative qualities & expectorant, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal support. Goji Berries & Rosehips provide a nice dose of Vitamins & anti-inflammatory antioxidants to boost the body.

Ingredients: Raw Honey, Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum), Rosehips (Rosa spp.), Elecampane Root (Inula helenium)

If pregnant, nursing or on medication, consult with your health care practitioner first.

Sold in a 4 ounce glass mason jar

$12.00 SOLD OUT

Elderberry Infused Honey

I had some leftover Elderberry infused Honey during the process of making my Elderberry syrup. So incredibly delicious!! I infuse my honey over 4-6 hours at a low temperature; no higher than 110 degrees F. I try to keep as much of the medicinal honey constituents while still being able to pull out the compounds in the Elderberries. Super sweet, berry flavored; great by the spoonful or smeared on your toast. Full of antioxidants, immune, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular & gentle nervine qualities.

Ingredients: Local Honey & Dried Elderberries (Sambucus nigra)

Sold in a 4 ounce glass mason jar


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