Candles, Bundles & Herbal Energetics

Our plant allies are living beings!! They connect with us through their energies, properties & spirits. Herbs can help heal us, guide us & link us with deeper realms of consciousness. Plant medicine created with the right harvesting techniques, gratefulness & positive intentions can bring forth powerful, potent herbal remedies. We can find ways to incorporate the healing power of plant energy not solely by … Continue reading Candles, Bundles & Herbal Energetics

Herbal Body Sprays

All of my herbal body sprays have a base of hydrosols or essentially “flower waters”. Hydrosols are the water by-product from essential oil production. They tend to have the same qualities, energetic components & scent, but are way less concentrated & safe for direct topical use. These flower waters also contain the different water soluble constituents from the herb; not found in the essential oil. … Continue reading Herbal Body Sprays

Sacred Smoke Blends

My herbal smoking blends are created with Organic Herbs & that’s it! 100% Tobacco free & chemical free. An amazing option for lessening tobacco consumption or just for a pleasant smoke. Smoking has a long history of ceremonial & recreational use. Although over consumption of any smoke isn’t necessarily beneficial for the lungs; if the craving arises, why not choose organic & chemical free? For … Continue reading Sacred Smoke Blends