Market Update June 10

Good morning everyone!! Starting to feel like Summer huh? I have definitely been lacking on my site but I will strive to be more proactive. First Farmer’s Market was amazing! Thanks everyone who came out to support me. I feel way more calm & collected getting that first market over with. Phew! I would like to do weekly updates on new items, herbs & vegetables I will be bringing to each market. If you would like additional information & details on the herbs & products, check out this website! I am hoping to get all products on here with their properties & how they can support your lifestyle.

Other exciting news! Some of my product line is available at Eco & the Flamingo in downtown Chicago. This shop is Chicago’s first zero waste store, started by a lovely friend of mine! We are hoping to provide mini herbal workshops online throughout the Summer. Everything from tea, tincture, syrup & salve making along with some local in person forage/identification workshops. Stay tuned & we will update you on these fun projects!

Here are some herbal products to look for at the market this week…

Spring Specialties:

Spring Green Cider (Vinegar & Raw Honey infusion of Spring Garden Herbs. Great for gentle daily cleansing & adding additional nutrients to your body.

Spring Zing Seasoning: Fresh out of the garden spice blend of Himalayan Sea Salt, Onion Greens, Garlic Greens, Chives & Stinging Nettle Herb. A twist to traditional garlic salt with added nutrients & chlorophyll!

Herbal Detox Tea: Wild crafted herbal blend of Dandelion Leaf, Stinging Nettle Leaf, Cleavers, Violet Leaf & a hint of Garden Mint. A great addition to any detox plan as well as for daily infusion enjoyment!

Classic Elderberry Goodies:

Elderberry Syrup: Three part blend of my Elderberry Tincture, Elderberry infused local Honey & a decoction of Rosehip & Cinnamon. A tasty elixir full of antioxidants & vitamin C to support your immune system & overall vitality.

I also sell the Elderberry Tincture individually, as well as the Elderberry Honey. Mmm.

Topical Products:

Tried & true Hand Remedy: Calendula & Plantain infused Salve perfect to support healing of those dried, scratched, cracked, worn out hands.

Neroli Face Balm: My newest salve created to moisturize the face. Keeps the face soft, smooth & hydrated all day long; not to mention is smells like divine Neroli! Blend of Jojoba oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea butter & Local Beeswax.

Other salves/balms include my Breathe Easy Chest Balm…an herbal adaptation of a chest vapor rub & Comfrey Support; which supports healing of bruises, sprains & small wounds.

Citrus Honey Scrub: Beautiful uplifting blend of Himalayan Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Raw local Honey, Olive Oil infused with Yarrow, Dandelion Flowers & Violet Leaves, with Blood Orange & Bergamot Essential Oils. Will sooth & replenish the skin, removed dead cells & may tone the outside tissue layer.

Herbal Uplift Spray: Joyful face & body spray of Witch Hazel, Blood Orange & Neroli Hydrosols.

Organic Alcohol Tinctures:

Herbal Bitters: Nice bitter blend to help stimulate digestion & assimilation of nutrients. All you need is a couple drops to get your juices flowing!

Elderberry & Elecampane Tinctures available for immune & lung support! Great ally during cold/flu season, along with support your respiratory system in fighting infections.

I have a variety of medicinal organic teas & tobacco free smoke blends. More are coming each week out of the garden! Any suggestions or things you are looking for…let me know! I can customize for you.

Other Homemade Herbal Delights:

Local Beeswax & Organic Soy Wax Candles, First Aid Herbal Compresses, Herb Burn Bundles


Aloe Sunburn Spray, Catnip Bug Spray, Yarrow Burn Bundles, Wombyn Infusion, Herbal Throat Spray & much more!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me! I love to hear all feedback & can provide recommendations for herbs to support your lifestyle. Thanks everything! Much Love.

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