Medicinal Guidance

We can provide suggestions, recommendations & personalized herbal guidance; all on a donation basis. If you have a simple issue you want resolved naturally or would like some advice on how to support your healing journey naturally; please connect with us!

If you have some basic questions or concerns, feel free to send us an email. If you would like us to look deeper into an issue for you; please feel free to download a copy of our Client Intake Form & email it back to us. When determining the most effective herbal protocols for yourself; details are key! Please fill out as much information as you feel comfortable providing. We promise to ensure a safe, judgement free space & look forward to helping clients of all backgrounds, economic statuses & personal identities. Our mission is to find & support everyone on their herbal healing journey!

We also like to bring up prospectives from other forms of holistic healing & lifestyle adjustments. Whether it’s diet, exercise, energetic & spiritual health, along with physical wellbeing; we want to support you on your journey encompasses all forms of healing. If you have further questions before submitting your inquiries please let us know! We are not trying to be a profit based business & strive to offer as much guidance as we can give. Please use the links below to start your herbal healing experience!

Many Herbal Blessings.

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