Who We Are

Innertwine Herbs is a homestead & small herbal business out of Lake County, Illinois. Our mission is to provide organic vegetables, wild edible foods, herbs & herbal products to help support a thriving lifestyle. Many plants we use/grow are unique or forgotten nutrient dense foods! We want to “intertwine” people more with the botanical world around us.

We create the majority of our products using herbs grown or foraged here locally. All ingredients not homegrown are organic & ethically sourced. The quality of the products we provide are of utmost importance to us. We are here to provide amazing healing products, information & recipes on how to add herbs to your lifestyle, as well as connect with other small business to create herbal delights for them.

Stay tuned for our upcoming products & gifts, as well as next year’s market endeavors. Courtney is also in the process of creating a pregnancy & postpartum herbal guide/recipe book! We hope to slowly expand & offer herbal advice & suggestions to folks who are interested in more natural solutions to their health!


Owner, Creator & Alchemist

Courtney is the herbalist, farmer & founder of Innertwine Herbs. She has always felt a connection with the natural world & desires to share it’s healing power with you! She is the initial mind behind all herbal concoctions & grows/creates with intention & healing in mind. She is in her 8th year of studying herbal medicine & is in a continual state of absorbing information! She is expecting her first child this Winter & looks forward to sharing her herbal knowledge with her growing family.


Amber is an herbalist, gardener & fellow healer. She has few years of studying under her belt & has a fiery passion for growing medicine, along with learning more of what the plants have to offer. She has an affinity for holistic topical preparations & traditional Native American healing. She loves creating herbal products for friends & her family. Amber is a wonderful addition to our team & definitely lights up the room with her positivity & desire to help others.